The Little Apple Watch That REALLY Could (Part 2)

Last September, I wrote about The Little Apple Watch That Could, a story about how hubby and I simultaneously lost our Apple watches at the Carrigan Farms quarry on my 47th birthday. 🍎⌚

Abridged version: We were dumdums who jumped off the 16-foot-high platform wearing silicone bands instead of sporty ones. The quarry is 25-feet deep with temps dipping to 50 degrees, so we figured the watches were broken and gone forever. We chalked it up to a costly life lesson. 😬

About a month later, William Carrigan (aka diving god and senior at NC State) found hubby’s watch … and somehow, it still worked! I had replaced my missing watch by then, so all was right again in the Goodyear Apple watch world. We hailed it a miracle watch and were super impressed with its badassery and resilience. 

And then today, MY long-lost, missing watch said, “hold my beer.” 

While sitting in Avis this morning waiting to return my rental car, I got a text from Elizabeth Carrigan, William’s older sister, who I texted with about last year’swatch debacle: 

Elizabeth: “Hi Kristine! Guess what….we found the pink apple watch! It works and turns on and holds a charge and everything. The time and date are incorrect on it but I can’t unlock the watch since it has a password. William found it at the bottom of the quarry just like the black watch last year. The band is dirty but the watch still works!”

Me: No way!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Elizabeth: yes way!

🤯 Yep. My pink-banded hero is the legit little Apple watch that could (#girlsrule). After 12-plus MONTHS underwater, she’s back on land where she belongs and safely en route home. And it’s all thanks to the Carrigan Family! 👏 Elizabeth and William are my new favorite bro and sis duo. 💥 I’m not sure yet what my watch’s future holds (other than a fresh new band), but this stunning turn of events has 😊

On a related note, hubby’s watch met its demise last month when it started leaking water during our first scuba diving lesson. Living at the bottom of the quarry for 35 days didn’t cause the damage. Nope. It happened a few weeks prior when he crashed his scooter one night about a half-block from our house. (See Jason Luck in part 1 post.) 

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